Living in Berga

Cim d'Estela
Cim d'Estla just above Berga

So it finally happened - I live in the Pyrenees! And it happened in the best possible way, it was just about time to leave the house in El Bruc after 8 years and Núria and me wanted to look for a place to live together. I really wanted to make sure that we found a place with interesting nature just outside the door to make sure we could get to do fun mountain things on a daily basis. Hiking, climbing, skiing, biking... a bit of everything and not too far from Barcelona. And what a welcome we got, the snowfall 2 weeks ago was just insane and we have been able to enjoy it quite a few days. Below is a short video from the craziest day.

Last days schedule:
* Friday - skiing
* Saturday - skiing
* Sunday - climbing (south facing wall 15 minutes from home, in bare upper body...)
* Monday - skiing

Not too bad! So exactly where do we live? In a small town called Berga about 1h 30min north of Barcelona.

Camera: Nikon D7000
Lens: Tamron 28-200mm
(A little side story - the lens is probably around 20 years old. When I was home visiting my parents in January my mother comes down from the attic with my last film-camera and wonders what I want to do with it. On it sits this big chunk of lens that I had totally forgotten! Now trying it out, feels like a fairly capable lens in good light conditions. Given how compact it is it works great to carry around on mountain days.)

Pantà de la Baells