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Sunset from Rasos de Peguera

Sunday we decided to dedicate some ours in the morning to finally get the last important things done in the flat. Some shelfs, a clothes hanger, organisation of the garage and a lot more. But keeping up with the idea of really getting to enjoy our new home mountains finally at 16.00 we managed to head out for a tour in the mountains closest to home.

We met a lot of cars driving down, being Sunday afternoon and all, but almost empty already when we parked and got our skis on. There was a lot of particles in the air so I told Núria that for sure we would have a very colourful sunset. And since we wanted it from the highest point we took it slow and enjoyed maybe a 10 km loop of Rasos de Peguera as this are is called.

The light slowly turns more and more soft and all of a sudden this fantastic orange light is all around. Núrias skis infront of me and I throw myself down in the snow to get her silhouette free from the trees. I knew straight away that it was a great angle and shot 10 frames or so. We then made our way over to the slope where we wanted to ski down. On the way the light turned completely red, the compact icy snow was glowing intensely. Completely surreal and very very beautiful. At 19.30 we where back at the house with a great experience and even more convinced that we have done a good choice to move here!

Camera: Nikon D7000
Lens: Tamron 28-200 mm

Side note - I worked the photos and uploaded them to Flickr, Facebook and Instagram straight away. The morning after I woke up to a message from a friend saying he wanted to buy one of the photos to print in large size for his home! :)

Towards Gallina Pelada