Last days of snow 2018

Dancing ice 1

It's been a fantastic winter here in the Pyrenees and just a fantastic welcome to Berga and our new life in this little mountain town. Now we're at the end of May and although there still is snow I think I'm just about done with winter for a few months.

A couple of weeks ago I finally picked up a better compact camera again, this time with a 1" sensor and quite OK optic - the Panasonic TZ100. The image quality and the information it captures in RAW format is just amazing compared to other compact cameras I've used. Even though my DSLR camera of course captures even more the intelligens and the processing power of this new compact camera in many many cases compensates with smarter algorithms for autofocus, light measuring etcetera. So far I'm very happy with the buy, for sure I will bring a camera with me even more now.

Anyway - here are some photos from the last outings on skis. Enjoy!




Walking back to summer