Picos del Infiern


Last week we got to do a great little adventure with a lightweight loop of the beautiful peaks of Picos del Infierno. Starting at the parking of Baños de Pantigosa just before 6 in the morning we made our way up past the Refugio de Bachimaña and then further into the valley. Finally we reached the 2700 meter high pass Cuello del Infierno. From there on we had a couple of hours of excellent easy ridge scrambling and exposed hiking passing the three main peaks:

Pico del Infierno Occidental, 3.073 masl.
Pico del Infierno Central, 3082 masl.
Pico del Infierno Oriental, 3076 masl.

After that we had quite an adventure navigating our way over the snow field to close the loop and return to the parking where we started. It for sure took us an hour extra to finally decide to follow the crampon-tracks left from the people climbing up this morning. Luckily we had a pair of lightweight little crampons that I first could use to scout the snow and to improve the trail before passing them on to Núria and walking down together. With the poles ready for self arrest if we started sliding. Note to self - get a lightweight ice-ax and some kick-ass

As always it's "fun" to look at these hyped guys uploading GoPro-filmed videos to YouTube about how cool and exposed the things they do are. The ridge of Picos del Infierno is exposed but never dangerous or difficult. So with that in mind, have a look at this YouTube-video for another view of how beautiful it is up there.

Here are some more photos from this loop - hope it inspires a visit!