ENDURO - "Don't go chasing waterfalls"

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This route is a great introduction to the fantastic mountain biking around the tiny town of Berga, less than 1h 30 min from Barcelona. Here we are at the feet of the Pyrenees with fantastic terrain for riding all year round.

This route takes you to some fantastic single trails and give around 800 vertical of downhill. The riding is generally easy with some technical parts. It connects 3 separate downhills with some good XC-style single tracks that are interesting enough if you're into that. The big surprise is when biking here after rain and find yourself biking BEHIND a waterfall! But this route is for sure worth doing even without the waterfall.

UPDATE! Since I wrote this post they have made a forest road out of the nice single track just before the waterfall... So this route is now less attractive. I've also found the fantastic webb and app Trailforks to document trails so this and many, many other trails are now available here. And even more exciting - I'm starting a company with mountainbike enduro tours! Bike mountainbike descent on great trail like made for mountainbiking in the sunny Pyrenees - what is not to like? I present to you Mountain bike tours Berga Enduro!

Resumen en castellano

Una ruta de enduro totalmente genial para conocer el terreno tipica de la zona de Berga. Senderos con mucho flow donde puedes dejar tu BTT a correr. Muy recomendable!


If you only have one car the easiest is to park your car in Avía and follow the normal Google Maps-direction on the asphalt road to the parking.

If you got two cars you leave one in Avià and drive the other one up to the parking.

Park just after the tunnel towards Sant Llorenç de Morunys. The tunneln on Google Maps.

The route

Part 1 - the uphill
Bike 200 meters downhill and then take the steep concrete road up. Bike it for 2 km and +200 meters to the old church at El Tossals. Enjoy the fantastic view of Montserrat, Montsant and the Pyrenées!

Part 2 - El Tossals enduro
Technical and interesting with a couple of VERY technical (or easily walked...) sections. This section ends when you reach the road. Bike the road for 500 meters to the next section.

Part 3 - Pine forest downhill
Lift the bike over the cow fence and get ready to ride! Very flowy trail with only one harder technical section. Superb naturally banked turns where you can really push it all the way down to the flat.

The really fun part is now over and you have some semi-interesting XC-biking to do to connect to the next section. You hit the asphalt road at the end but after only 150 meters you turn off for the next section

Part 4 - cross country single trail
Leave the asphalt and prepare for a couple of kilometers of shorter climbs mixed with high speed single trails with the most amazing view. This section ends by walking/pushing the bike up 30 vertical meters to the top of the mountain (where they start with paragliders/parapentes)

(Please note! After only 200 meters of this part you can can cut down towards Avía on a GREAT trail! Separate blog post about this trail will come later.)

Part 5 - Waterfall Downhill
Prepare yourself for a flowy and super fun final downhill of 3 km and 300 vertical. Fast at the start and then more technical in the forest. The trail ends and you follow the road down to the village of Avìa where you find several bars...


The track on Strava and Wikiloc