YouTuber - who could have guessed?

In yet another twist of events in my life I ended with a GoPro a couple of months ago, all to film the amazing mountain biking we have here in the eastern Pyrenees. At first I just filmed the normal POV stuff but one day I decided to talk while biking to give a better sensation of what the riding is like. So I put myself infront of the camera willingly for the first time in my life. Just listening to myself talking English is a bit awkward and I've never liked to see myself on photo or video. BUT, why no? So now, at the tender age of 43, I can call myself a YouTuber and a vlogger!

And why all this? Well, with the idea that this area could be of international interest when it comes to all mountain enduro riding what could be a better way of transmitting how it is to ride here but with photos and video? So first came Instagram and now YouTube.

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