Ebike in the Pyrenees

A very different year has come to an end and hopefully we can look forward to a quickly recovering world, far from lockdowns and close to our friends. Luckily we’ve had a good couple of years with our Swedish travel agency and had the funds to sort out all the cancellation and move bookings to the future. And now, with vaccines being rolled out around the world, we finally can start looking forward again!

Personally I choose to not look for other projects during this time, instead I opted to develop an idea I’ve had for a couple of years but never had time to go forward with. I wanted to combine the things I like the most – ebike, beautiful mountains and well composed travel packages to my beloved Pyrenees! And this time I wanted to be the product owner – the responsible towards the clients. We already sell many packages but for most of them we really on suppliers for guides, for bikes, for transports, hotels etcetera. With this project I want to take over as much of this responsibility as possible.

Through my other bike project, Berga Enduro, we already work with exklusive and 100% guided mountainbike trips with focus on difficult descents. This is for the passionate mountain biker that lives for biking. Through this project we also have many Spanish clients – something I never expected but that I truly enjoy! We’ve been working now for 2 years and had visitors from 18 countries. Mind blowing! Our terrain IS world class and we have proper all-mountain mtb all year round.

So now finally let me present my new project – Pyrenees Ebike. It’s 100% clear that for most people the future of biking is electric, in cities as well in the mountains. Here where we live in the eastern Pyrenees the mountains are so big that without modern ebikes only the fittest are able to bike here. And while for example Verbier want to become the world capital of ebiking we know that we have better terrain and of course way longer season. 

What I have done is I have prepared 4 fantastic self-guided tours spanning between Andorra and the beautiful beaches of Costa Brava, the tours span 3-6 days of biking. The packages includes guide the first day, hotels, transfer of luggage, GPS, roadbook and a helpline if you run into problems. We also help you out with bike rentals and transfer the bikes to/from your tour. These are the 4 main tours:

3 countries – Andorra, France and Spain
France to Spain
Mountain to Sea
Southcern Pyrenees

We already have a few agents around Europe that will be selling the tours, the goal is to have one agent in each European country plus the US and Canada. In the future we also will have guided group trips, tailor made guided trips for groups wanting more trail and difficult riding, expand with more tours towards the west etcetera….

For me personally this is such a great outlet for my ideas, experiences and creativity! I’ve designed the tours, tried them, designed and built the web page, built a trailer for the bikes, taken photos and filmed the videos, bought GPS’s and prepared them for the tours, written all texts, talked to the hotels and the renters of e-bikes etcetera etcetera. Hundreds of hours of mainly really fun work!

What do you think, will this project succeed? If you want to help out, please follow it on Facebook and Instagram and share it to friends that you think might be interested!